Infrared Touch

Neonode zForce Touch Systems

Laser light-based technology enables multi-touch input to displays, making any surface touch- and gesture-sensitive and working even in harsh environments.

Touch for any display
Add multi-touch functionality to any display, with or without overlay. Works on any display with any input, including gloves, wet and greasy hands and long fingernails.

Touch for a hidden display
Neonode's technology opens up new dimensions of design freedom. Keep the aesthetics of your product design intact by adding interaction and visual feedback on any surface as needed.

Touch for any surface
Enhance lighting and other systems by adding touch interaction to any surface to create a clean look and feel. Supports multi-touch and custom gestures.

Touch for any product
Easily add touch interaction to any product. Support for single or multi-touch gestures by sliding or tapping your finger to control the action on your system.

ZForce is ideal for harsh environments

The robust technology solutions are suitable for a variety of original designs and retrofit applications.

  • Climate-independent: Equip your display for bad weather or dirty environments with an easily adjustable detection distance.
  • Put on gloves!: The touch sensors work with all gloves - regardless of glove material and thickness.
  • Lightfast: The technology works in environments with intense or bright light without aging effect.
  • No electromagnetic interference (EMI): The sensors offer reliable interaction without EMC problems in sensitive environments.
  • Temperature resistance: The touch sensors allow interaction on any surface in hot or cold temperatures without interference.

Design advantages for robust and portable applications

Robust design developed to withstand harsh conditions and stress:

  • rain and liquids
  • Dust and dirt
  • Physical damage

These robust solutions have been developed to meet the high environmental and safety requirements in harsh environments. The touch sensors enable reliable operation even with thick gloves.

Neonode zForce Touch Performance Specifications

  • Input methods: Finger, hand or glove
  • Minimum object size (diameter): 5mm
  • Number of touch objects: 1, 2 or more (depending on the application)
  • Contact accuracy:
    • < 5 mm for sensors >180 mm
    • < 7,5 mm for sensors <180 mm
  • Touch resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Contact release force: 0 N (no release force required)
  • Touch Active Area: Up to 345.6 x 327.7 mm
  • reaction time:​​​​​​​
    • ~ 50 ms
    • 10 ms (continuous tracking at 100 Hz in active mode)
  • Scanning frequency: configurable up to 900 Hz, depending on product variant

Neonode zForce Technical data

Module size (L x H x W):

  • 0° Type: L x 3.46 x 14.5 mm (L depending on product variant)
  • 90° Type: L x 3.46 x 15.45 mm (L depending on product variant)


I2C interface Active mode (100 Hz) Power consumption:

  • 72 mm Sensor: 57 mW
  • 208,8 mm Sensor: 80 mW
  • 345,6 mm Sensor: 104 mW


I2C interface Active mode (25 Hz) Power consumption:

  • 72 mm Sensor: 44 mW
  • 208,8 mm Sensor: 45 mW
  • 345,6 mm Sensor: 47 mW

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