Interactive Smart Shelf Display

The extra slim display Plug&Play for your application

The newly developed Interactive Smart Shelf Display System from LG not only shines with its slim fit. Whether on the sales shelf in the store, at the vending machine or in public transport, with the integrated touch and the appropriate software, direct interaction is possible.

Because this is not just a display, but a ready-to-use plug-and-play system with display, touch screen and integrated ARM computer including WiFi connection, through which you can upload and manage your content and applications on the go.

As the name "Smart Shelf" suggests, this display system is particularly suitable for applications on sales shelves in the retail sector, but the possible applications go far beyond that.

    Available in two sizes to fit your application:

    • 23" stretch with an outline dimension of 593.8x63.4 mm (1/4 23")
    • 29" stretch with an outer dimension of 712.8x213.74 mm (1/2 29")

    Color display in HD resolution for detailed display:

    • Best readability from all sides with the patented IPS technology
    • High luminosity and brilliant colors with up to 700 cd/m² brightness

    Touch integration already done:

    • Touchscreen and controller already integrated
    • Slim design with the help of in-TOUCH technology

    Media Player on Board:

    • ARM®Cortex™-A17, Quad-core, 1.6Ghz, 8GB Memory, Android 7.1
    • Micro USB, Micro HDMI and Wireless Communication: WiFi and Bluetooth

    Application examples

    • Sales shelves and interactive touchpoints with ESL, digital signage,
    • Display and operating system for elevators and vending machines, among others
    • Interactive Touchpoints in public transport, bus, train and cab and at bus stops
    • White goods (refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, ...)
    • Entertainment (soundbar, air conditioning, gaming)

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