Haptic Touch

Why do you need haptic feedback?

When pressing a mechanical key, one is used to receiving tactile feedback.  This gives the user a direct confirmation of whether the key has been pressed or not. With the increasing success of capacitive touch technology, the user has to do without this "haptic experience" despite all the advantages this technology offers. But especially in safety-relevant applications, there is a desire for more operating safety in combination with capacitive touchscreens. As one of the leading suppliers of display and touch systems, we can offer you the right solution in the field of haptic touch.

Our competences

  • The right solution for your individual haptics application
  • Expertise in various haptics technologies
  • Design and integration into your system
  • Force Sensing: Measurement of the actuation force. Only when a certain threshold is reached is a touch actuation recognized.
  • Whole Body Vibration: Entire touch surface is stimulated to vibrate
  • Local Vibrations: Only certain areas of the user interface are excited

Other touch technologies

Application areas

  • Industrial control
  • Machine tools
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Medical technology
  • Handheld devices

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