Flying Touch

Contactless touch screen - also for retrofitting

Why "Flying Touch"?

  • The finger flies over the surface without touching it
  • The system is suitable for retrofitting existing screens with and without touch screen

How does the Flying Touch work?

Based on the principle of the new generation infrared touch sensor, the IR light beam is reflected by an object placed in the beam path. This reflection is evaluated and reported to the system as a touch event. In flying touch, the sensor is not located directly above the display surface, but at a distance of several centimeters. It is therefore sufficient for the user to approach the surface to within a few centimeters without touching it. This effectively prevents the transmission of germs and viruses.

Mechanical Integration

The Flying Touch can be directly integrated in new designs by designing the front panel of the housing to accommodate the sensor. Due to the slim design of the sensor, which is available in widths for displays up to 15.6" diagonal, the construction is simple.

The design shown above was developed for retrofitting existing devices. It is prepared for mounting with magnets, screws or double-sided adhesive tape. To avoid contamination by dust and rain water, it should be mounted above the display. A lateral mounting is also possible.

Electrical Integration

The touch sensor communicates with the device via a USB interface using the HID protocol. No adjustment or fine tuning is required. Existing touchscreens do not interfere with the function; most operating systems support several Human Interface Devices, so that parallel operation is possible.


  • The Flying Touch is ideally suited for terminals in public spaces:
  • Input of the floor for elevators
  • Vending machines for coffee, cold drinks and sweets
  • A check-in/check-out counter
  • Menu in the fast food restaurant
  • Ticket machines in public transport
  • Cash dispensers with PIN entry
  • Access systems with code entry

Other touch technologies

Which technology is the right one for your application? We advise and support you in the realization of your touch application with touch sensors, touch controllers, cover glass and the fine-tuning of your system.

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