Battery Chargers

Within this category you will find chargers for Li-Ion, NiMH, lead, LiFePO4 batteries. Always find the right solution for your application. For customized designs, please contact us at any time. Based on your requirements, we will find the right product for you or configure a customized solution in cooperation with our suppliers.

  • Universal NiMH battery pack chargers for different cell configurations. Also with regard to the plugs, these devices can be flexibly used with exchangeable AC and DC plugs.
  • Modern 3-stage chargers for LiFePO4 battery packs for cell configurations from 1S to 16S incl. medical approval!
  • Lead batteries have a very optimal price-performance ratio and are a good alternative if the low power density and the high weight have no relevance. Pay attention to the suitable characteristic curve when evaluating the devices.
  • The LiIon battery pack chargers are all equipped with CCCV charging characteristics. We carry various devices of different power classes for pack configurations 1SxP to 10SxP.

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