Smart Shelf Display Solution

The new interactive shopping experience directly at the product

Create a completely new shopping experience that combines the world of e-commerce with on-site shopping and uniquely combines information with emotion directly at the product to create a completely new shopping experience. We offer an end-to-end system solution for your application, from the local application to the remote services with the appropriate hardware, software and IoT components.

Compared to conventional digital signage solutions, the solution provides the end customer with more information directly on the product on display or allows them to see it live in action. For example, a running shoe is shown with a video in use, and the product features can be called up in various languages by touching the screen. It is then possible to try on the shoe and test it in the store. This makes the solution particularly suitable for highlighting and showcasing products.

Possible applications include front gondolas, shop-in-shop systems or sales displays. In addition, the provider can learn more about the purchasing behavior of the product by evaluating the touch events.

To enable the full range of functions in a scalable implementation, we offer a complete system solution that covers everything from the store to the backend system and integration with existing data platforms.

Innovative and easy to integrate

We offer you an in-store solution that adds the customer interaction dimension of a kiosk system to digital signage animation and electronic shelf label (ESL) information.
Benefits: You create a completely new shopping experience for the end customer and also enable your retail customer to gain insights into the purchasing behavior of the product. Flexible use: Horizontal or vertical placement, even independently of the shelf
Digital promotion and prices: Daily and minute-by-minute, situation-based promotion and prices

  • Interactive and innovative: customer interaction with touchscreen and sensor technology, e.g. with face recognition synchronized content across all displays
  • Plug & play: Installation at any location, only mains voltage required, no data cables on the shelf
  • Slim Full HD displays: With integrated media player for interactive images, texts and videos in Full HD
  • Expandable: Can be expanded and combined with other formats and systems
  • Secure connection: Network connection via LAN, WLAN or store-independent with IoT mobile radio

Added value

For PoS system and service providers, retailers and consumers, there are completely new opportunities for retailers as well as clear added value for customers. This includes:

For you as a PoS system and service provider

  • Innovative, flexible, scalable
  • Competitive advantage through digital interaction directly with the product
  • Simple plug & play installation in the store
  • Sustainable investment through multiple use
  • Enables Smart Shelf-as-a-Service
  • Modular, coordinated components
  • Integration into existing platforms
  • Connection via WLAN, LAN and directly via mobile radio
  • Greater service efficiency thanks to real-time access to all components
  • Device management and live monitoring from any location
  • Simple role and rights management

Your retail customers

  • Targeted customer approach at the product
  • Upselling with time- and event-controlled content
  • Automated price and advertising updates
  • Simple creation of interactive content
  • Simple provision in the store

End customers in the store

  • More information on the product about the product
  • See the product live in action
  • Product information in my language
  • Product comparisons of the offers on the shelf
  • Self-service, e.g. selection at the product, collection at the checkout

The modular system solution

Display, connectivity and cloud-based management from a single source


Smart Shelf Display

LG's interactive Smart Shelf Displays with integrated capacitive touch screen form the visible front end of the solution. Thanks to their slim design, they are particularly suitable for use on sales shelves. Various dimensions - each with a depth of less than 20 millimetres - are available for the different shelves. A quad-core ARM processor with Android operating system and WiFi connection is used.

  • 23"/ 29" stretch display
  • Bright Full-HD IPS display
  • Slim design with integrated touchscreen
  • Integrated Android platform
  • Communication via WiFi

Smart Media Player

The media player, which is specially tailored to interactive content, can be installed as a software app directly on the display system and thus becomes an integral part of the solution. The media player works together with the Smart Cloud Management Platform, which can be used to manage content intuitively. Media content can be synchronized across multiple displays to show a coherent video across the entire shelf. In the simplest case, the WiFi connection allows each individual display to be connected to the cloud management platform via the store's WiFi network. Once the whole thing has been set up, the connection is established automatically. Only a power connection is therefore required at the store shelf itself.

  • Media player for cloud CMS
  • USB player for local content
  • Formats: MP4 (H.264), H.265, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG

IoT Gateway

In a typical configuration, several displays are usually installed on a shelf and a larger display at the head end. Here, the IoT gateway offers the option of connecting several displays via one access point. The following three options are available: wired with Ethernet via the store data network, with the gateway as a hub again via the Wi-Fi network in the store or directly via IoT mobile radio with its own SIM card.

  • Cellular, WiFi, Ethernet
  • Mobile (e.g. LTE Cat-1)
  • Industry grade (operation 24/7)
  • Remote management

IoT Connectivity Services

With the third option, direct IoT sim connectivity with an integrated data package, the solution is completely independent of the data connection in the store. If the shelves, front gondolas or display stands are equipped directly with the display and gateway, all that needs to be done is to set up the finished shelf in the store and connect it to the power supply. The local system then automatically connects to the cloud platform, i.e. plug & play. The IoT sim connectivity is an integral part of the solution and offers very high availability compared to a conventional mobile network connection. Even if the smart shelf is located in the basement, a stable network connection is guaranteed.

  • Stable mobile network connection for high availability
  • SIM/connectivity lifecycle management
  • National & international roaming for best coverage

Brochure: Smart Shelf Display Solution

The new interactive shopping experience directly at the product For PoS system and service providers, retailers and consumers, there are completely new opportunities for retailers as well as clear added value for customers. This includes: You as a PoS system and service provider, your retail customers and end customers in the store.

All information about the Smart Shelf Display Solution in one brochure.

Cloud-based smart solution management

Scalable and in real time

Content management

As part of the overall solution, our suitable content management system (CMS) provides the media content and manages stores and the displays installed in them. A cloud-based management platform is used here, although content can also be uploaded via a USB stick as an alternative.

With the cloud management platform specially tailored to the solution, media content can be managed at different levels and content can be uploaded to the local media player of a system, to all shelves in a store or across the entire store network.

The administrator has the option of setting up several management levels and assigning users different access rights. This allows company headquarters, content providers or store employees to access the platform and thus the systems and functions released for them via a secure web interface.

Studio software

With the Studio software tailored to the special screen formats, interactive content can also be created without prior knowledge. It is possible to freely define the active touch areas and also set up several touch levels.

Device management

With the implemented device management, current content can be called up on any display or the operating software can be updated remotely. As with content, this works either for one store or the entire store network. As part of lifecycle management, all other components such as the IoT gateway and sim connectivity can be managed remotely via a web interface in addition to the display systems.

Key Features

  • Dashboard for a good overview
  • Quick integration of new displays or shelving systems via QR code scan
  • Clear store management
  • Extensive role and rights management for different user groups
  • Sophisticated scene and event management with automated provision for a large number of displays
  • Smart media player with protected operator access that also plays interactive content offline
  • Device management, where the admin can see what is on the shelf in the store, adjust the brightness of the displays and communicate with store staff via the device
  • Content Creation Studio for creating interactive media content adapted to the specific format
  • Campaign planning: create daily, hourly or even minute-by-minute playlists for automated marketing campaigns
  • Cloud storage for the created media content

Advantages of the Smart Management Platform

One solution, many possibilities

  • Support for other different screens and Android-based systems
  • Integration of widgets such as weather, news or time
  • Automated import of price information from the ERP/PIM system
  • Synchronized multi-screen solution possible
  • Big data reporting: collection of usage data for further data analysis
  • Optional offline player with which media content can be easily uploaded via USB
  • Smart Order Bar for ordering options directly on the product, e.g. with EAN/QR code scan


Further optional options for interacting with customers

The Android platform in the display system opens up numerous other possibilities for customer interaction. Be it the Bluetooth interface to interact with the customer's smart device or the use of additional sensors, from proximity sensors to cameras.

For example, we offer optional biometric face recognition, which makes it possible to provide the customer with individualized content based on age and gender and thus learn more about the customer's behavior on the product without processing personal data.

Face detection camera
Recognizes characteristics such as age, gender or mood Presentation of needs-based offers No personal data is processed

IR sensor
Receive further product content without contact
Proximity sensor Recognize interest Generate attention, e.g. by changing content on the display

Barcode scanner / contact sensor
Retrieve further information on a product that has been removed

Other possible applications

From kiosk systems to information boards and advertising displays

As the name Smart Shelf suggests, this solution is particularly suitable for applications on sales shelves in the retail sector, but the possible applications go far beyond this: from ticket or vending machines with advertising boards to elevator cars with information displays.

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