Holographic Touch

Contactless, germ-free, convenient

The new terminal for holographic input puts an end to the risk of infection through touching. Operate the device completely without touching, just by marking virtual buttons in the air - be it in the elevator, at the vending machine, the check-in counter or the menu in the restaurant.

Get your ticket without typing the destination on the touchscreen interface, and pay with your credit card without having to type in the PIN.

Magic? No, cleverly combined technology: the infrared sensor in combination with the 3D plate make it possible. Wherever a video signal and a USB port for the touchscreen are available, the holographic terminal can be retrofitted.

The key benefits at a glance

  • Operation without touching surfaces: no fingerprints, low cleaning effort
  • Bright display for high-contrast and clear presentation
  • High-resolution touchscreen for recognition of gestures such as pinch or zoom
  • Easy mechanical installation: all components are optimally aligned and calibrated
  • Standard PC interfaces for display and touchscreen
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) freely programmable

Function & Design

The holographic input system can be divided into two individual parts:

  1. Generation of a holographic image
  2. Capture of a touch event

The holographic image is created by directing the content of an image source, in this case a display, through a special holographic plate. In addition to angular deflection, convergent bundling of the rays takes place there, creating a virtual image floating freely in space.

The figure shows the arrangement necessary for the projection.

An infrared touch sensor is mounted below the virtual image. Its beam path is interrupted when the image is "touched". The interruption is evaluated as a touch event: single touch, multi-touch or as a gesture.

The effect is amazing and is immediately recognized by users, making the system suitable for use in public without the need to instruct the operator.

Whitepaper: Touchless operation with "holography

The Holographic Touch provides a virtual image that floats in the air. The non-contact nature reduces the risk of spreading viruses. It can be operated with any medium, including gloves, wet or dirty fingers, or a credit card. It supports single-point and gesture operation and can be connected to any computer with a video interface for the display and USB interface for the touch sensor.

This whitepaper goes into detail about the components, working principle, practical examples, optimizations and tips to implement a "Holographic Touch".


Contactless switching

The technology of the holographic terminal is the starting point for the product "Holo-Key". Why use an elaborate TFT display when the same image content is always displayed?

With the Holo-Key, the image source consists of a printed symbol foil that is illuminated by LEDs. The floating image is created at the same position as in the holographic terminal. An infrared sensor monitors the image plane and reports actuation. The symbol disc can be easily replaced. The compact design is ideal for low-complexity applications such as switches for lights, blinds, door openers or control buttons for elevators. As is usual with switch programs, the symbols on the foil can be easily adapted to the application.

A microcontroller evaluates touch events and switches relays with potential-free contacts.  Replacing a conventional switch with the Holo-Key is therefore very simple. Whether the relay switches - as in the case of a light switch - or is only active as long as the touch surface is touched can be configured via software.

Instead of a relay output, the information on actuated fields can also be output via a bus protocol such as CAN, KNX or RS-485.
The Holo-Key is a platform on the basis of which products with holographic input can be developed: Design, also as a single box, number and arrangement of control panels also as a matrix of keys, colors and arrangement of LEDs - the design depends entirely on the planned application.

The advantage is the non-contact operation. It can be operated with any medium, even with gloves, wet or dirty fingers or a credit card.

Areas of application:

The holographic input can be used wherever it is necessary to avoid the transmission of viruses and bacteria through direct contact with button.

  • Elevator controls
  • Vending machines/Point of Sales
  • ATMs - PIN entry
  • Ticket and check-in (airport)
  • Digital signage - orientation in shopping mall
  • Self-ordering in fast food restaurants
  • Self-checkin/checkout - hotel, company reception, security area
  • Healthcare - equipment operation in sterile area, hygiene

In addition, holographic operation adds value to design-oriented devices

  • Smart Home
  • Entertainment
  • Exhibition and museums
  • Operation with wet or dirty hands or gloves; kitchen, bathroom
  • Luxury store


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