Resistive Touch

AccuTouch: Five-wire resistive technology (Resistive 5-wire)

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AccuTouch technology was designed with the harshest operating environments in mind. The reliability, durability and expected life of AccuTouch technology is therefore not surprising. Resistant to the most adverse environmental conditions, such as liquid spills and splashes, and cleaning, the screens are the most resistant devices on the market in terms of contamination. They ensure drift-free operation over a lifetime of 35 million finger touches.

AccuTouch technology is the workhorse of resistive touchscreens. It offers unmatched performance in POS, industrial, medical and transportation applications. When touched with a finger (or glove), fingernail or other object such as a credit card, you get a fast and accurate response every time. AccuTouch solutions are available in sizes from 6.4" to 24".

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  • Stable, accurate, drift-free operation with heavy use
  • Meets IP65 and NEMA 4/4x/12 standards when integrated
  • Long service life
  • Flat cable attachments for seamless integration and customization options

Zero-Bezel configuration for seamless design prevents dust and dirt:

  • Slim, elegant "smartphone look" with proven resistive technology
  • Uninterrupted bezel for easy integration
  • 4H pencil hardness for scratch resistance
  • No need to laminate an additional decorative film, reduces cost and supply chain

Application Solutions

POS applications

  • Restaurant
  • Hotel industry
  • Vending machines
  • Grocery/Supermarkets

Industrial solutions

  • Process control
  • Machine control
  • Industrial PCs
  • Man-machine interfaces

Solutions in transportation

  • Use in vehicles
  • Baggage handling control

Medical solutions

  • Medical Instruments
  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Medical devices
  • Research instruments

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AccuTouch Five-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

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