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General terms of use

Our websites may only be used by acceptance of the following requirements. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not use our websites or any contents of our websites.

All websites are developed by the HY-LINE Group of Companies and will be administrated by them. We reserve to ourself every right to change or close our websites, their Legal Requirements, our Terms and Conditions in general and our Conditions of Sale and Delivery at any time without any announcement in general or partly.

Our Terms and Conditions – as amended from time to time – will become part of any contract we conclude. Because of this reasons we beg you to take a close watch on our Terms and Conditions next time you visit our website again. Please take knowledge of any changes related to our Terms and Conditions and our Legal Requirements. Please notice that you have the possibility to print our Terms and Conditions from your Internet Browser and our Legal Requirement as well as you have the chance to save them permanently on a data medium of your personal choice. 

Marks and Intellectual Property Laws; Surrender of Use

All Trademarks named on our Websites are exclusivily entitled to the HY-LINE Group of Companies, unless they are explicitly distinguished by us as legal rights of third parties or you may recognise them in an other way as legal rights of third parties.   

All rights concerning the contents which are published in the framework of our websites, that means especially informations, documents and graphic representations or legaly protected elements of any kind are exclusiley entitled to the HY-LINE Group of Enterprises, without any exception.

The unauthorized use of our Trademarks or in an other way for us legally protected texts, images, graphics, videos (with or without sound), video animations (with or without sound) including the layouts of our websites are expressively not allowed to anyone and are a violation of our Trademarks, Intellectual Property Laws or any other rights, which are protected in favor to our Group of Companies, as far as we will not authorize it explicitly.

The copying, publishing or the use of our websites – or parts of them – in other electronical publications or in print publications – as well as in the medias of internet – will be only authorized by explicite permission of the HY-LINE Group of Companies. This permission can be granted by the online desk of our websites, so you may get in touch with our desk, if you are interested. 

A permission of any kind takes place only under the reservation that all informations you can find on our websites will not be changed in any way by you. This means also that all representations you can find on our websites are only allowed to publish in other medias by giving an explicite indication of source to the HY-LINE Group of Companies. Of course you can set a hyperlink to our websites to give the kind of reference which is mentioned in the sentence before. The reprint and the evaluation of our press releases are for sure always allowed with an indication of sources.

Limitation of Liability

All informations you can find on our websites are researched in a professional matter by intern and extern sources. All contents have been phrased as easy to use as possible. It is our strong approach to set all informations up to date as often as possible und to offer you some more informations from time to time. All informations you can find at our websites are served to the representation of the HY-LINE Group of Companies, our products and our services. Of course we can not asume any liability – neither explicite nor silent – that these informations will be complete or true. Please take notice that all these informations are only up to date at the day of their publication and that these informations are may not be up to date in the moment you are visiting our websites. Because of this reasons you should proof those informations before using them, in which way you may use them ever.

All representations you can find on our websites will not free yourself from an own proof of our present informations, especially informations about data and technical informations. The same applies related to the applicability of our products with regard to your individual use of our products and the individual targets you may follow.

If you need individual suggestions or instructions related to our products, or if you need a special service, please get in direct touch with us. The users of our websites agree with the circumstances that they use our websites and their contents on their own risks. 

Neither HY-LINE Group of Companies nor third parties, which are involved in the construction, production or visualization of our websites, will be liable to someone, who maybe will be damaged or harmed because of the use of our websites, especially because of the access or the impossibilty of an access to our websites, the use or the impossibilty by using our websites. The same takes place, if you should depend on any information you may  find on our websites.

Websites of 3rd Parties / Hyperlinks

Our websites contain hyperlinks or references to websites of third parties. Hyperlinks of this kind amount no acceptance of the HY-LINE Group of Companies to any contents you may find on these websites of third parties. We do not adopt such kinds of contents by websites of third parties. We set hyperlinks to such websites eclusively for the purpose of maybe helpful information. The HY-LINE Group of Companies assumes no responbility for the availibilty, contents or the modification of such websites. Any liability for damages or injuries resulting from the use of such websites – of which kind ever – will be excluded. We offer Hyperlinks to other websites only as a comfort for the users of our websites. HY–LINE Group of Companies will not assume any liability, that any hyperlink you may find on our websites will inform you on a constant level of quality. Any connection to such websites only takes place on your own risks.

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