In both switching power supplies and power electronics, a large proportion of losses occur in the circuit breaker. In order to reduce switching losses and conduction losses of the circuit breakers, the technologies for the structure of the switches are being further developed. Depending on the requirements, different topologies are available for the structure of the semiconductor in the circuit breaker:

Silicon-based MOSFET
This workhorse of electronics is available for various voltages and currents. It is a mature technology with a good price/performance ratio.

HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) on GaN basis
This new technology is particularly suitable for high switching frequencies. It offers significantly lower losses, enabling more compact devices and better efficiencies.

SiC switches
Silicon carbide SiC is particularly low-loss and fast at high switching voltages.


Reference design with SCALE iDriver for silicon carbide MOSFETs and inductors for high and low side supply

How can the new SiC circuit breakers be controlled correctly and safely? This reference design leads to rapid development successes.

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