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The complete PCAP solution from HY-LINE

From concept to series production


Our specialists will guide you through the complete design process:

  • Selection of the appropriate touch sensor and controller
  • Selection of the customized cover glass: optics, haptics, resistance, printing
  • Mechanical and electrical integration into your application
  • Fine tuning of the touch controller firmware

We will provide these services for you:

  • Laminating of sensor and cover glass in clean room
  • Glass processing and customer-specific printing
  • Assembly of the display with the sensor
  • Delivery of the complete touch solution from one source!


PCAP technology requires complex fine-tuning.

Since the capacitive field acts outwards, all environmental influences (metal housing, rear display, cover glasses, etc.) must be filtered out using special processes.

Finetuning is very complex, requires a lot of know-how and special software programs with which certain parameters are adjusted (thickness of the cover sheet, condition of the housing, application-related parameters, etc.).

Our service includes a complete finetuning of your entire operating unit.
With our service, the finetuning is performed on a single system. The calibration data is stored in a firmware. Every supplied controller is delivered with this firmware. Thus, no further finetuning is necessary - for you this means: plug&play.

Display Montageservice

To ensure that a touchscreen has no visual defects and functions properly, the touchscreen must be applied to the display under certain conditions. The surfaces of the display and touchscreen must be "clean". This includes even the smallest dust particles, which are attracted to the surfaces by static charge. It is not possible to get the surfaces really dust-free with a dust cloth. A good way to remove the dust is to use compressed air.

The professional cleaning of displays and touchscreens is done with a special compressed air system.

Instead of "normal" compressed air, the surfaces are cleaned with ionized compressed air. This has the advantage of being able to remove electrostatic charges, which arise for example when removing the protective films or are already present on delivery, without contact, by blowing them off with the ionizing gun. The smallest dirt particles, which otherwise adhere strongly due to electrostatic attraction forces, especially on the display surface, can thus be removed much better. The attraction of further particles is well avoided, which usually threatens during the short phase of cleaning and gluing on the touch screen.

Above all, however, this makes it possible to clean the polarization filter films applied to the displays and touch sensors without having to touch them. The usual micro-scratches that can be seen under a microscope are thus avoided.

The system uses electronic control to continuously adjust the ion balance within a tolerance window of +/- 15 volts. Therefore, even the most sensitive electronic components are not at risk of damage. In addition, the air is filtered once again directly in front of the nozzle to exclude any foreign particles in the air stream.

Especially with larger displays, this process ensures a further reduction of very small particles on the surface. It is hardly possible to clean the micro-rough display surface of TFTs with cloths without leaving abrasion residues on even "lint-free" precision cloths.

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