Cover Glass

Protective glass for touchscreens and displays

The cover glass, also known as the front glass or cover lens, is the component of the display system with which a user interacts through direct contact.

It has a variety of tasks:

  • Protecting the display from external influences such as dust, scratches, vandalism, UV and IR radiation
  • Optimization of readability through a low-reflection surface
  • Design element of the device through printing in different colors
  • Part of the front of the device thanks to special design
  • Carrier of the PCAP sensor for touch terminals

Since the introduction of PCAP technology, the cover glass has been of particular importance, as this touch technology is the first to separate function (touch sensor) from design (cover glass).

Designed as safety glass or tempered glass, it resists attacks on the surface or is destroyed in a defined manner (breaking into small, blunt pieces).

Surface and processing options

The surface is part of the look of the overall system and is coated as anti-glare or anti-reflective depending on the requirements and environment. Other functions such as anti-fingerprint or a coating to kill germs are also possible. For special applications in medical and food technology, a plastic replaces the glass material.

As the cover glass is larger than the outer dimensions of the display, the edge can be graphically designed. This starts with a simple black print and extends to icons and company logos. Sensors, e.g. for brightness and presence, can simply be hidden behind the cover glass. Different processes (screen printing, ceramic printing, digital printing) each have advantages and disadvantages and must be selected depending on the application. The printing is always done on the back of the cover glass, so that wear and tear due to abrasion is not relevant.

The processing options for the cover glass also allow non-rectangular contours and openings, e.g. for an emergency stop button.

If a touch sensor made of foil is used, it is glued to the back of the cover glass. The entire structure is in turn bonded to the display behind it. Methods for this are "tape bonding", in which double-sided adhesive tape is used, and "optical bonding", which is described in more detail below.


Refinement technologies

  • Mechanical processing: smoothing and profiling of edges, rounding of corners, emergency stop switch, viewing window, slot for ticket issuance.
  • Etching: Antireflection coating, image sharpness, surface robustness, finger guide
  • Printing: privacy screen, message text, label, capacitive key display
  • Coating: Anti-reflective, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, anti-fingerprinting
  • Bending: Fitting to housing shape
  • Hardening/Pre-stressing: Vandalism protection, increase fracture resistance, color resistance (ceramic printing)
  • Laminating: Splinter protection, use of special films, increase in material strength (vandalism).

Types of glass

  • Anti-Glare Glass (AG): matched to the display, prevents sparkling; anti-reflective surface; simplifies finger guidance
  • Anti-reflective glass (AR): optically anti-reflective for optimal reading in sunlight; Anti Finger Print coating for touch applications
  • Laminated safety glass (VSG): depending on IK class from wafer-thin to extremely thick; protects against shattering and vandalism
  • EMV- and UV-shielding glasses: Privacy discretion with lateral view
  • Antibacterial glass (for medical technology)

In many cases, the individual features can also be combined with each other, and customized cuts in all possible sizes are possible.


Product features

  • 100% dust-tight bonding, no gaps due to continuous circumferential adhesive bead. Protective glass/touch sensor can generally be replaced during servicing without damaging the TFT.
  • Waterproof bonding possible (e.g. protective glass can also be bonded in customer-specific housing)
  • High temperature resistance - no adhesion problems at extreme temperatures
  • Better/professional appearance than with conventional adhesive tape mounting
  • More exact positioning of the sensor/protective glass compared to adhesive tape mounting
  • No evaporation of plasticizers or corrosive gases
  • No dimensional change and thus no sealing problems with respect to the bezel when the glass is pressed strongly, since the adhesive is significantly more dimensionally stable than the double-sided foam tape
  • Small distance TFT/touch/glass, thus less parallax effects and space saving in the construction depth
  • If required, other bonding can also be carried out, e.g. glasses/sensors directly in front panels etc.

WHITEPAPER: Optical Bonding

The white paper highlights topics such as components, application areas, advantages and challenges of optical bonding and explains in detail the individual bonding processes for display and touch. (This Whitepaper is in german.)

Antibacterial glass

Especially during the winter months and in the current situation, protection against bacteria on touchscreens is essential. With the Antibacterial Glasses we have the ideal solution for medical monitors or terminals in the public sector such as ticket machines or elevator controls.

Our Antibacterial Glass makes colonization by bacteria much more difficult. In the tests carried out so far, none of the bacterial species applied on a trial basis were able to settle on the glass.


  • Coating can be applied to any type of glass (AR, AG, Clear)
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely high transparency
  • Protection of the underlying units
  • Minimization of colonization by bacteria
  • Minimization of contamination between cleaning cycles
  • Resistant to chemical and mechanical influences, as well as UV radiation
  • Resistant to the most commonly used disinfectants based on alcohols, aldehydes, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine

Fields of application

  • Medical monitors
  • Ticket and cash machines
  • Elevator panels
  • Light switches
  • Control elements
  • Areas with special hygiene requirements, such as hospitals, laboratories, canteens, bathrooms, wellness areas, swimming pools, toilets, etc.

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