AnySurface Keyboard

The first free keyboard with infrared touch

The first virtual keypad

for industrial use, plug & play with infrared touch technology

You know the situation: the keypad is dirty or the Enter key no longer works, and now a service technician has to come out. Cleaning the mechanical keys is difficult and replacing the entire keyboard is expensive. How would it be if this problem were a thing of the past and you could differentiate yourself from the competition with a keyboard adapted to your requirements and an individual device design?

The new freedom in keyboards:

  • Germ-free: hygienic, easy to disinfect
  • Wear-free: without mechanics
  • Freely selectable surface
  • Free key arrangement
  • Complete freedom in design
  • Compatible with all systems that work with a mechanical keyboard

QWERTY keyboard, built-in keyboard, keypad, number pad

An innovative solution for any alphanumeric input on your device

An innovative solution for any alphanumeric input on your device
With this virtual keyboard, the exact input position is determined by an infrared sensor located outside the keypad. The latest generation of IR sensor technology is used to determine the exact input position, even for multi-key input. This also makes it easy to detect three key combinations such as [Ctrl + Alt + Del]. There is no need to do without acoustic key feedback or the visual display of capital letters [Shift-Lock] for convenient operation.

Thanks to the external keyboard sensor, both the texture and the material of the keyboard surface can be freely determined. Whether...

  • Electrolytically inscribed stainless steel
  • Embossed aluminum
  • Etched glass
  • Printed plastic, wood and stone

The exact position of the keys as well as their alphanumeric assignment can be freely defined by software, allowing you to create a keypad that is precisely tailored to your requirements and eliminates superfluous elements.

Advantages of the "keyless" keypad

The keyless keyboard has no mechanics and is therefore not subject to mechanical wear and tear. Even the best conventional keyboard mechanics only have a limited number of operating cycles. This makes the AnySurface keyboard ideal for wear-free use in the field without the risk of failure.

It also makes it much easier to create an easy-care, moisture- and dirt-resistant input surface, e.g. in outdoor or production areas.

In environments with the highest hygiene requirements, such as medical technology, an input keypad that can be easily disinfected can be created. Operation with any type of protective glove is also possible, from surgical gloves to work gloves, as the size of the individual keys can also be freely defined. As there are no limits to the surface material, the virtual keyboard can also be used for products with special design requirements; the AnySurface keyboard is a visual highlight in high-quality kitchens.


The most important facts at a glance

  • Latest generation IR sensor technology
  • No keyboard mechanics
  • Standard USB HID keyboard device
  • Standard system keyboard input (HID key)
  • OS-independent for Windows, Linux, Android etc.
  • No separate drivers required
  • Multi-touch input with 3-key combinations
  • Shift lock with LED display
  • Acoustic key feedback
  • Resistant to moisture and dirt
  • High temperature range

Other possible applications

Almost unlimited possibilities

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