Our values
We don’t ask "why", but "why not"?

What makes us special

A strong cooperation and joy of new ideas

At HY-LINE, everyone can contribute their own personality and our employees define who we are and what we can do. That’s why we value diversity and encourage different talents. Where people can contribute their individual experiences, the best solutions and new ways to master the challenges of today and tomorrow arise. In doing so, a human interaction and joint action on an equal footing with our customers, suppliers and employees is important to us.


Courage is the prerequisite for innovation and we are breaking new ground, even if it is not always clear at the beginning whether they will succeed. We open up space, try out ideas, tackle and ensure that the best idea prevails - no matter where it comes from.


Even before the development of new products, we deal with the questions and motivations of our customers' customers to give technology meaning and purpose.

We use the freedom to make our own decisions. To achieve positive results, we dare to propose better solutions to our customers, because we act out of conviction.


We are open, honest and pull together as a team together with our customers and partners. We are accessible - for people, new ideas, constructive criticism and the competition for the best solution.  

We are reliable and uncomplicated, combine heart and mind as well as ambition with fun at work.


We are in control of what the future will look like and we want to be part of this change and make a contribution.

We help our customers assess the potential of new technologies and thus remain sustainable.

There is nothing that does not exist - and if it does, we come up with something.

Be different

In a constantly changing world, change is the only constant; we think outside the box and develop ideas further. We adapt to new developments and review our decisions in order to be able to react flexibly to new conditions.

In this way, we want to take advantage of the opportunities that offer ourselves and our partners in a dynamic world.


Working at HY-LINE

We like what we do and are passionate about technologies that enrich people’s daily lives. With our specialized know-how, we want to give the future a positive direction. With our technological solutions, we help to change markets, protect the climate, improve people’s health, create new jobs... For more than 35 years, our technologies have turned our customers' future ideas into reality.

»Because the best idea prevails here - no matter who it comes from.«

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