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Know-how in the area of international standards and guidelines for the approval of products in different markets.

Specific test procedures and approvals

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Our comprehensive technology certification services include ISO certification for technologies to ensure that your products meet international quality standards. We offer specialized protection type testing as well as product testing for shock and vibration, thermal, climate and salt spray testing to ensure the robustness and longevity of your technologies.

Our expertise extends across various compliance tests for technologies, including radio testing and electromagnetic compatibility, to ensure your products meet regulatory requirements. In addition, we support you with CE certification, RED, FCC, marine and UL certification as well as medical technology certifications.

These technology testing and certification services aim to give you smooth access to international markets and optimize the quality of your products.

»Do what you do best - we'll take care of the rest.«
Frank Cubasch, Head of Quality, HY-LINE

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