Wirepas Mesh

Wirepas Mesh is a decentralized mesh protocol for wireless communication. Mesh networking means that devices route traffic over multiple hops. Decentralized means that each node in the network selects its role, maintains and optimizes the connections independently, based on its environment. The network therefore functions without central control mechanisms such as the network operator.


The Wirepas mesh network essentially consists of nodes and gateways:


Nodes: The actual device, which can be a router node or a non-router node. By default, the nodes are in an automatic role selection called auto-role. In the auto-role, the nodes independently select whether they forward data traffic or not.


Gateways: A gateway is a bridge between the Wirepas mesh network and the backend. The gateway can use one or more special nodes, called a sink, to connect to the network. A sink transmits data between the gateway and the mesh network.

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