Transflective Displays

Transflective = Transmissive + Reflective

Transflective TFT LCD modules have both "transmissive" and "reflective" modes that use a backlight or ambient light as a light source. The "transmissive" mode provides high visibility in dark environments, while the "reflective" mode allows high visibility under strong sunlight without having to increase the brightness of the backlight.

Transflective displays thus use incident light to increase contrast. Part of the internal structure reflects light, while another part allows light from the backlight to pass through. They are used where the display must be readable even in low ambient light.

The backlight for this represents a compromise: It may only absorb little power, but still has to provide sufficient contrast. When operating with backlight, they are at a disadvantage compared to transmissive displays because the surfaces that reflect the incident light are not transparent for the backlight, so more energy has to be used.

Thus, transflective TFT LCD modules can reduce power consumption and are particularly suitable for mobile devices. Transflective displays offer excellent readability with low power consumption.

The display with backlight shows saturated colors. In bright environments, the reflective component predominates. The display with the backlight switched off is only illuminated by incident light, as can be seen from the light reflections of the ambient light.


  • Optimal readability in sunlight
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Power-saving and therefore ideal for battery-powered devices

Areas of application

  • Agriculture & construction machinery
  • Marine
  • Mobile outdoor equipment

Transflective displays from HY-LINE

The following table shows a selection of transflective displays. For detailed inquiries, please contact us.

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