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Whitepaper: Transparent Displays

Technologies & Comparison

Displays impress with their luminosity, high resolution and brilliant colors. They have one thing in common: when they are turned off, a black hole remains. You can't see through them. Transparent displays, on the other hand, are available in various technologies. Similar to augmented reality glasses, it can allow you to see through to the workpiece on a machine or to the exhibits in a shop window while providing additional information about them.

Different technologies pursue different goals: TFT as a light valve works best in front of a brightly illuminated light box in which products are presented; the transparent OLED shines with simultaneously very good transparency and emission of light through the OLED pixels; the multicolored LEDs of the transparent LED module are bright and easy to read even from a great distance. The use cases are as diverse as the technologies: shop windows for the presentation of goods, fronts of elevators or windows in building technology, "augmented reality" at the machine or safety through visibility in public areas.

Note: This white paper is in german.

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