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Transmission over long distances with little or no loss of quality, conversion, scaling and distribution of video, audio or other signals is indispensable in industrial and medical environments.

Due to the increasing complexity of media technology systems, signal management is becoming more and more important. Whether extender, splitter, converter or scaler - in countless applications, qualitative solutions in the field of professional signal management are required.

A professional and reliable solution not only creates order in the system, but also ensures the compatibility of different devices and problem-free signal distribution over long distances. The ever-increasing distribution of high-bandwidth videos also poses special challenges, as large amounts of data have to be transported without loss.

HY-LINE offers a professional selection of products and solutions for every conceivable problem from recognized global manufacturers.

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When selecting manufacturers, we make sure that each one is considered a specialist with unique know-how in his or her field. You can benefit from this high level of solution expertise in your applications. In addition, we also select our manufacturers and their products according to the use of synergies.

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