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Transphorm Inc.


GaN-HEMTs and -modules

The expert in GaN semiconductors and especially GaN FET switches. This new technology is particularly suitable for high switching frequencies. It offers significantly lower losses and thus enables more compact devices and better efficiencies.

  • Developers have over 300 man-years of experience with GaN for RF and LED applications since 2000, over 340 own patents
  • Leader in GaN switches with reverse voltages of 650 V and above
  • Extensive portfolio; > 12 billion operating hours and < 1 failure per billion hours in the field
  • First JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified 650 V devices available on the market
  • Own GaN wafer fab

For all Transphorm products there is:

  • Application support
  • SPICE models
  • Development kits

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