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Solid State Power Relais AC & DC

OPTO22, manufacturer in the USA, has become a well-known name for solid state relays all over the world since it was founded in 1974.

Through HY-LINE GmbH, OPTO22 offers a high quality product range of solid state relays exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany.

OPTO22 solid state relays are also available as complete set, with heat sink - new: also integrated! - as latching module for top hat rail mounting, in 1-2-3 phase design.  OPTO22 relays offer the following advantages:

  • High switching frequency due to electronic switching
  • Long lifetime due to internal "heat spreader
  • Free from electromagnetic interference
  • Operation without sparks
  • Noiseless operation
  • Insensitive to shaking and shock loads
  • Zero voltage switch
  • Low control power - logic compatible
  • Integrated overvoltage protection for 480 V or 575 V relays
  • Integrated RC element for inductive loads
  • 200% test
  • Square connection poles for standard S-housing - optimum anti-rotation protection


  • VDE certificates with production monitoring, test marks, see page 2/3
  • UL Guide NMFT2, Card E58169
  • CSA Guide 184-N-90 Class 3211, Card 35852
  • SEV 86.1 12133.02

Whatever the application - machine controls, lighting controls, signal controls, heating controls, process automation, computer peripherals, automatic test equipment, dosing systems, etc.: OPTO22 solves these user problems with its wide variety of solid-state relays. Load currents from 20 mA rms to 45 A rms can be switched without problems on 220 V or 380 V networks. By using an optocoupler for galvanic isolation between the control and load circuits, an isolation voltage of 4 kV rms can be guaranteed between the input and output and the electrically isolated housing. A zero-voltage switch ensures trouble-free operation as well as more favorable starting conditions at the moment of switch-on. The RC element already integrated in all OPTO22 relays allows switching operation even on inductive loads up to a cos w=0.5, thus guaranteeing high static and commutating du/dt values. Due to the 200% test program during the whole manufacturing process it is possible to pass on an optimum of quality and grade of these products to the customer. We are able to deliver serial quantities ex stock Munich.

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