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eCOUNT embedded GmbH

eCount embedded

CRTtoLCD controller, redesign, development projects

The eCOUNT embedded GmbH develops and manufactures flat display controller boards. They are also proven to be a partner for the procurement of obsolete or difficult to obtain parts.

The eCOUNT CRTtoLCD controller enables the connection of flat panel displays via standard interfaces. Due to its flexibility, the signal format and resolution can be widely adjusted. For optimum system integration, they are equipped with various additional functions:

  • Display an on-screen display for menu navigation
  • Easy adjustment of analog, RGB, DVI, video and YUV
  • Scaling the image format in premium quality
  • Custom panel files to adapt to almost any TFT display
  • Effective software tools to configure the operation
  • Control for dimming the backlight

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