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Since the introduction of the Internet of Things, the number of connected devices in the world has been steadily increasing. The huge amount of data demands a different way of storing and managing IoT information, which is a big challenge in many enterprises. At the same time, connecting the IoT world with cloud technology faces challenges such as data security, compliance, and network outages.

The solutions presented here from various vendors are solution implementations and offer solution concepts for your business and ideas from module to connectivity to global data provisioning.

News about IoT Connectivity & Cloud


It has never been so easy to intelligently network your devices

Cavli Hubble, Cavli's enterprise-ready IoT connectivity management cloud platform, enables your device to connect to the cloud to support a wide range of applications across all major network technologies including NB IoT, LTE-M, EGPRS, LTE -CAT 1, CAT 4, 3G.

Cavli Hubble ensures that IoT product manufacturers can fully leverage the emergence of innovative connectivity technologies such as LPWAN and reduced sensor costs to build robust yet affordable smart control systems. 


The all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution for industrial plant monitoring

With Octave, you can securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your devices to your cloud.


Out-of-the-box software platform for your IoT and REM assets

Increase operational efficiency and create new revenue streams with our ready-to-use software platform for your IoT and REM assets. 

Search your entire inventory of IoT and REM devices and quickly find the specific assets you need from anywhere, at any time. 

Select a specific asset, review detailed asset properties, and scan real-time telemetry status data.

IoT Connectivity Activation

Efficient and secure remote lifecycle management of Cinterion IoT devices

The Cinterion Connectivity Activation solution leverages the power and flexibility of the Cinterion IoT eSIM, which is deeply integrated with the latest Cinterion IoT modules and IoT products, along with the Cinterion IoT Suite to establish, maintain and quickly and seamlessly transition to new service plans and providers as needed. 

The solution helps minimize network disruptions, increase ROI and meet SLAs. It is part of a broader suite of IoT services that enable efficient and secure remote lifecycle management of Cinterion IoT devices. 

This infographic describes how the elements of the Cinterion Connectivity Activation offering work. 

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