Discover Bluetooth 5

Universal wireless data transmission with many faces

2x Speed

  • 2M PHY doubles bandwidth up to 1.4 Mbps
  • 15...50% less power consumption


4x Range

  • 125/500 kbps codec PHYs improves input sensitivity and range
  • New channel selection algorithm allows +20 dBm transmit power


8x Advertisement capacity

  • Advertisement payload increases from 31 B to 254 B
  • 37 new advertisement channels
  • New advertisement procedures for Advanced Beacons


The Bluetooth 5.1 specification adds a direction finding function to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal. With Bluetooth positioning, the direction and position of devices can be detected and the location accuracy can be determined to within one metre.

Current white papers on the topic of Bluetooth 5:

New applications and the enormous number of devices with wireless connections have also prompted various wireless standards stakeholders to develop new standards or update existing ones to meet IoT-specific requirements.

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