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4G LTE Cat.1 Gateway with 3G Fallback for North America

The Cinterion ELS61T-US LTE Cat 1 gateway from Thales provides highly efficient 4G connectivity with seamless fallback to 3G networks. The ELS61T offers PoE as an option and carries data and power together over the same cable, eliminating additional power supply components, simplifying design and reducing costs.

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  • Regional focus: NORAM
  • Frequency bands: LTE (2,4,5,12); 3G (2,4)
  • Certifications: PTCRB, FCC, IC, UL,
  • Dimensions / Mounting: 115 x 86 x 26mm / Multiple mounting styles
  • Special Features: Lifecycle Management - Operational, POE
  • max. data rate DL / UL: LTE Cat.1 10.3/5.2 Mbps
  • Embedded processing: Java
  • Language support: No
  • USB: No
  • Serial ports: ETHERNET, RS232
  • Other interfaces: I2C, SPI, UART, PWM
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LTE CAT1 Router & Gateways

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