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Embedded USB2.0 Flash Controller

The EM3255 is a USB Flash controller focusing on embedded/industrial application (eUSB) usage. It combines high compatibility and performance to support single-channel SLC and MLC NAND Flash memory in a single chip. The EM3255 complies with USB2.0 power specifications for bus-powered devices. The EM3255 controller delivers an extremely reliable, high data transfer rate through the BCH ECC engine to reduce read/write disturbance errors. Combining a 5-3.3V regulator and power-on-rest feature, the EM3255 maximize efficiency and reduces overall BOM costs. The EM3255 is available in 48-pin LQFP packages.

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Key Features

  • Complete USB2.0 compliance
  • Complies with USB Mass Storage Class specification version 1.0
  • Bulk only transport protocol
  • Supports single channels for Flash memory
  • 12MHz crystal driver circuit
  • 1.8 volts low power core operation
  • Operates on a single power supply (Vdd = 5.0V or 3.3V)
  • Support 3.3V VCCQ SLC and MLC NAND Flash and up to 4 Flash components
  • Field firmware update capability
  • Firmware customization capability for specific application requirement



  • Industrial approved FTL to protect data in an ungraceful power lost event.
  • DataRefresh and EarlyRetirement features to prevent data corruption due to uncorrectable ECC
  • Proprietary algorithm for read/retry to retrieve correct data due to platform instability
  • Global Wear Leveling to ensure all NAND flash blocks are evenly written to extend the device life.
  • HealthMonitoring vendor commands to allow monitoring the health status
  • Extended overprovisioning capability enables longer life expectancy
  • Software “Write Protection” feature enables data write protect at any instant.

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation is the global leader in developing NAND flash controllers for SSDs and other solid state storage devices.

Silicon Motion is a fabless manufacturer that specialises in developing controller ICs for solid state storage devices such as SSDs, eMMCs and other embedded flash applications, but also for removable storage products such as USB memory. Silicon Motion also manufactures low-power graphics controllers for industrial applications. Here, long-term availability and good support are important features.

Silicon Motion were founded in 1995 in San Jose, California and operate from corporate offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US.


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