HY-gienic Touch

The hygienic terminal from HY-LINE

Permanently germ-free glass surface

Studies show the excellent effectiveness of UV-C rays against germs and viruses. The higher the dose, the more effective. So more radiation or longer exposure time. The only disadvantage is that the device cannot be operated during exposure.

Really not?

The hygienic terminal of HY-LINE has a different approach: it disinfects the surface of the touch display with UV-C radiation itself and continuously during operation. This protects you and your fellow human beings from bacteria and viruses on touchscreens.

How does it work?

In contrast to conventional terminals, the front screen that protects the display is movable. While one part is freshly disinfected and available for operation, another part is in resting position and is disinfected. When the operation is completed or on request, the parts change their position - the disinfected part takes up the working position and the contaminated part moves to the rest position to be disinfected.

The advantages for you

  •  Works in continuous operation - no wear or consumables!
  •  The touch screen also works during disinfection
  •  Maintenance-free, robust touch display
  •  Depending on the installation situation in portrait or landscape format
  •  Indispensable for terminals in public areas

Because the cover glass is the only moving part, there is no need to move connecting cables, which would wear out as a result. In the event of a defect or vandalism, the pane can be replaced at low cost. The movement of the pane is controlled by a separate controller.

A clinical trial to demonstrate efficacy specifically on Corona-type viruses has begun. A patent application has been filed for the technology.

The illustration is only exemplary: not only is the diagonal freely selectable, the display can also be used upright in portrait mode. If the height of the front panel is low, UV-C disinfection can also take place to the right and left of it. The HYgienic Terminal can be connected to any computer via a standard video interface such as HDMI and USB for the touch screen.


There is a wide range of applications for the disinfection solution. The target markets are public terminals.

  • vending machines for goods or tickets
  • ATMs
  • point of sales
  • check-in/check-out terminals in hotels and airports
  • man-machine interfaces in health¬¨care systems

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