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Whitepaper: Use of PCAP under difficult EMC conditions

Influence and possible remedial measures

PCAP technology has displaced other touch technologies in almost all areas. It separates function from design because the sensor is behind a glass front panel. The transparency of the sensors used in glass or foil is very high and allows excellent optical quality.

The advantages also include the extensive parameterizability of the controller. Number of simultaneously detected fingers, operation even with non-electrically conductive gloves, detection and ignoring of large-area events such as the propped-up handball and liquids of all kinds are possible.

This document describes another influencing factor: strong electric fields changing in amplitude and frequency require a special setting of the controller, because these fields strongly overlap with the useful signal and radiate into the capacitive electrodes. Using the example of HF surgery as an application area, the influence and possible mitigation measures are demonstrated. This makes applications of PCAP with its advantages possible even in areas where they were previously excluded by interference.

Note: This white paper is in german.

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