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Whitepaper: SCADA Systems

Top 10 Strategies for Uncompromising Connectivity

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used to monitor and control industrial processes in factories and remote locations in real-time. Widely deployed in critical infrastructure including utilities, oil and gas, renewable energy, water, agriculture and manufacturing, these systems often need to operate in remote areas without interruption for years, withstand extreme environmental conditions and function on limited power.

Given the mission-critical nature of these systems, the importance of keeping them reliably connected is paramount. More and more organizations are moving to cellular communications solutions because they provide coverage in remote areas, offer high speed communications with low latency and are cost effective.

However, the challenge lies in identifying the key factors that can foster ultra-reliable cellular connectivity for SCADA applications, enhancing seamless and uninterrupted operations even in highly demanding scenarios.

This white paper highlights the top 10 strategies organizations should consider for uncompromising connectivity of SCADA systems through 5G or LTE cellular routers.

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