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Whitepaper: Film capacitors for power electronic applications

"Power failure in Hanover: 15,000 households sat in the dark" - that was the headline in the summer of 2011. 600,000 current-free households were even mentioned at times. The cause was inconspicuous: a capacitor that had already failed some time ago had paralysed a switching module and, in the event of an instability in the power grid, finally led to a blackout because that very module reacted incorrectly.

An example of the consequences of a capacitor failure, which would have been less likely if a more suitable power capacitor had been chosen: a film capacitor is significantly more stable over the long term, especially under high loads.

This HY-LINE Whitepaper not only shows you the advantages of film capacitors; it also deals with their correct dimensioning. It explains the special properties of film capacitors, their advantages over other capacitor types for power electronics applications and their correct dimensioning in the various applications.

Note: This white paper is in german.

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