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Whitepaper: 5G Revolution or Evolution?

What You Need to Know for 5G Mobility Applications

Whether you are reading the news, watching a game, or just driving home after work, it is hard to miss the stories, advertising, and other buzz regarding the launch of 5G – the newest wireless cellular technology standard. Designed to meet the world’s growing demand for wireless connectivity, 5G features both a new radio design and a redesign of the back-end core networks used by carriers to transmit wireless data. In addition, 5G uses a wider range of frequency bands than existing wireless technologies.

These and other changes enable 5G networks to deliver very fast data transmission speeds with ultra-reliable connections. They also allow these networks to create connections with very low latency (the time it takes for a signal to be received and responded to) and very fast handoffs (the time it takes for a device’s connection with one cellular wireless access point to be handed off to another cellular wireless access point as it moves through an area).

Thanks to these 5G advancements, organizations can now deploy a variety of new broadband, Internet of Things (IoT), and other new mobility applications, such as mobile high-definition video streaming, super-fast mobile Wi-Fi hot spots, and immersive augmented reality grid equipment repair applications.

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