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Microchip Technology Inc.


Thermal, Battery, Power Management, Linear&Mixed-Signal, Interface Peripherals

HY-LINE Power Components is a distributor for Microchip's analog products (Analog & Interface) shown below, as well as processor-based solutions for intelligent signal processing, power supply and drive technology (PIC18 and dsPIC series).

Microchip's offer is an ideal addition to our existing delivery program of discrete components. Thus, we can further complete the range of solutions for our customers in the field of power supply technology and motor control. On this page we present some highlights from Microchip's product range.

dsPIC: High performance DSCs for digital power supplies and general power electronics
dsPIC for digital power supplies

Connectivity: Microchip's connectivity solutions make it easy to connect your systems to various digital bus systems, both internal and cross-system
LIN transceiver with integrated LDO

Thermal Management: Microchip's Thermal Management solutions make monitoring thermal processes and temperature-based control of fans a breeze in any environment....
Charging of single or multiple Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries

Power Management / Power Supplies: Voltage regulators with high currents at low supply voltages in the smallest space characterize Microchip's Low Drop Out (LDO) voltage regulators. But Microchip also offers ultra-compact switching regulators:
1.5 A LDO regulator MCP1727
30 V switching regulator MCP16301
56 µA quiescent current regulator MCP1754

Operational amplifier / MOSFET driver: Microchip offers solutions specifically tailored to applications where lowest power consumption and smallest footprint are important criteria of the overall design...
Operational amplifier with current consumption of 600 nA, High Current MOSFET driver.

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