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Magic Power Technology Group

Magic Power

Medical power supplies in different form factors

Magic Power Technology Group has been manufacturing power supplies for medical and industrial applications since 1998. Here in DACH, we are responsible for sales and technical support in Central Europe. In addition, we are the interface between the customer and our parent company in Taiwan.

Medical electrical equipment (ME equipment) is used, for example, in doctors' offices, outpatient clinics, hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly. As a result, special safety requirements are placed on the power supply of devices used for medical purposes. In Europe, USA, as well as almost all other countries, very extensive, partly similar, legal regulations, rules and standards apply to the development and operation of ME equipment. Safety can only be guaranteed if each component of the overall device complies with the relevant standards. In contrast to industrial devices, devices used for medical purposes must have all-pole protection against overload and short circuit. Therefore, Magic Power power supplies already have 2 fuses in the input. Another task of the power supply is to provide double insulation to the primary circuit. The test voltage (primary to secondary) is increased from 3000 VAC (industrial) to 4000 VAC (medical) with double or reinforced insulation. Another distinguishing feature is the clearances and creepage distances to be maintained. While for industrial devices - which are tested according to IEC60950 - an air gap of 2.0 mm is specified for basic insulation and 2.2 mm for creepage distances, the distance for medical devices - which are tested according to IEC60601-1 - is increased to up to 8 mm.

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