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EuropTec Vehicle Display Glass AG

EuropTec GmbH

EuropTec is an innovative manufacturing company with approximately 190 employees with the headquarter in Goslar with a history of more than 100 years in the field of glass processing.

Core competence: Optimal use of the optical properties of glass without compromising other requirements such as resistance to scratching and breaking strength. Through advanced production equipment and high manufacturing and development expertise EuropTec covers a broad range of demands that are expected in the field of HMI/Operating  terminals.

Etched glass and/or anti-glare glasses protect every touchscreen display as front panel. The glass in this case acts both as a mechanical component, which protects against environmental influences as well as an optical component that improves the readability. In glass processing EuropTec may employ a variety of manufacturing processes for the individual product design and combine accordingly.

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