Why innovation starts with the power supply

There are two words that say it all and that managers love to hear: It’s running! As a medical device development engineer, as the person responsible for the technical aspects of a clinic or as its managing director, you depend on everything running smoothly. Probably the most important factor: the power supply.

Effective development of medical devices:
also a question of power

HY-Di® from HY-LINE is an intelligent system consisting of smart batteries and analysis software and hardware. HY-Di turns rechargeable batteries into state-of-the-art instruments for the development and operation of complex medical devices. With HY-Di, you can depend on a system for reliable management and monitoring of battery characteristics and get transparency on all the most important parameters.

Control your Battery. Anytime. Anywhere.

As a medical device developer, you already start benefiting from the HY-Di Development Kit during the design process of a medical device: our system displays all relevant battery parameters via an analysis tool, in the web browser of your choice, including the voltage and discharge current, the capacity and also displays data, such as average remaining service life or the remaining time until full recharge, just to name a few. These essential facts facilitate reliable statements about the battery itself and also enable you to carry out extensive tests on your prototype connected to the battery and its operating behavior.

Whether you opt fort SM-Bus or CAN-Bustechnology is up to you and the specifications of the device.

In any case, you can be sure that the BMS chips built into the HY-Di system meet the highest requirements: developed and built by Texas Instruments, these chips stand for reliable and up-to-date monitoring like no other technology.

This is also underlined by the fact that HY-Di is a white label system: smart batteries and software can be customized to meet almost any (design) requirements. Another plus: the corresponding certifications are already available.

Do you already have specific ideas for your development? 

Significant gain in knowledge
through reliable statements

The system displays all key figures for the battery in use. Anytime and anywhere. The only prerequisite: your smart battery must be SM or CAN bus capable. This gives you the option of using smart batteries that are not part of the HY-Di product family. A strong plus, in our opinion! 

In any case, you benefit from a wide range of display and recording options for the battery characteristics. This helps you to quickly gain knowledge when developing innovative medical products and opens up new perspectives. Thanks to our valuable hardware development kits you can not only start development immediately, you can now make reliable predictions about the behavior and life cycle of your smart batteries and thus also about your prototype.

HY-Di means fast evaluations, evidenced data and reliable findings in the shortest possible time! Whether ventilators or inhalation devices, infusion or suction pumps, EEGs or ECGs: you get reliable state-of-health statements for everything.

If you, as a developer, really want to innovate your medical products, then make the safest decision possible now – for future-oriented healthcare!

Do you know exactly which smart batteries you need?

We keep our promises.

  • We use reliable premium components
  • Predictable behavior and life cycle analysis for shortened development times
  • Short delivery times through intelligent warehousing
  • European service center based in Switzerland
  • Maximum development freedom through flexible scalable batteries and configurable analytics
  • Hot swap capable
  • Improved customer loyalty through customized smart batteries and software
  • Certifications available
  • Maximum development performance through immediate deployment and interface diversity
  • Accelerated development due to fast availability
  • Shortened development time through powerful analytics
  • Mechanical STEP file/ el. CAN/SM-BUS parameters 

Efficient maintenance of medical equipment in demanding hospital operations

HY-Di stands for more than just an uninterruptible power supply! The system offers exact monitoring of rechargeable batteries via a web browser. It is a symbiosis of power supply and battery control that turns ventilators or inhalation devices, infusion pumps, defibrillators, EEGs and ECGs or optoelectronic devices into fail-safe components of every clinical organizational unit. Uncomplicated monitoring. Fast maintenance. HY-Di: perfect battery control. Anytime. Everywhere.

Not sure if your device is already equipped with a smart battery? Please send us a photo of the device and battery holder, we will be happy to check it for you.

With HY-Di, every medical device becomes an innovative and indispensable cornerstone of state-of-the-art healthcare. The only prerequisite: the batteries installed in medical devices must have either an SM or a CAN bus. If they do, the system takes the burden off your technicians by providing efficient and uncomplicated analysis and maintenance of the installed batteries.   

The web-based analysis tool enables your technicians to quickly and reliably read out all important battery parameters. This can be done by connecting the battery and the interface in a few simple steps. With the help of the assigned IP address, your technicians can easily access the “inside” of your smart battery via your PC’s web browser. Now your technicians can check the relevant battery key figures and determine the maintenance requirements of your medical device based on the voltage, discharge current, number of cycles or capacity.  Medical device maintenance couldn’t be more efficient.

If you, as a technician in a clinic, rehabilitation center or other medical facility, would like to speed up the maintenance of your medical devices and make it safer, you will be making a smart and future-oriented choice with HY-Di. 

Would you like to convert the medical equipment in your facility to HY-Di and save many technician hours in the future?

Our contribution to a slightly better world

We do what we can.

As the engineers and product specialists of HY-LINE AG, with a focus on smart batteries, our goal is not just to produce the best and most powerful batteries. We also want to prove it to you every day by displaying the parameters!

HY-Di – a system consisting of smart batteries and analysis software and hardware – was developed with this motivation in mind. The system turns rechargeable batteries into state-of-the-art instruments for the operation of a wide variety of products and devices, as well as for their technical development from prototype to series production. Rechargeable batteries are not only making more and more energy available in less and less space or becoming lighter in weight. For the first time, they are making high energy densities, reliable high-current output, high cell voltages and long service life more transparent.

As a team, we are committed every day to significantly and noticeably improving all the disadvantages that lithium-ion batteries have had until now. We research and develop on an international level to avoid overcharging and excessive temperatures and to significantly extend battery service life. This avoids the unnecessary replacement of batteries, which is harmful to the environment.

We do all this because we are not just engineers: we also have families and are thus committed to the next generation. As a comprehensively thought-out system, HY-Di is not just any innovative product development. HY-Di is our contribution to climate protection and to a wise environmental policy.

This is how we want to make our world a little better.

Because we can.

We are looking forward to your specific tasks
and your questions

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The new HY-Di® brand combines all the benefits of high-quality smart batteries with a powerful battery monitoring system. The analysis software reads out the central parameters of smart batteries and displays them in real time. It is also possible to write log files.

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