Voice Control

Offline solution in 30 languages

In the context of the HMI 5.0 project, which describes multi-sensory and multi-modal communication between humans and machines, the audio channel plays an important role. While the output of signals and sounds is also supplemented by synthetic speech, voice control for input is also taking its place in professional applications. With it, devices can be operated comfortably without hands, without looking at the device.

Offline voice control does not require a connection to the Internet during operation. As a result, data remains private and secure. Data does not have to be stored on an external server, nor does broadband permanent access to the Internet have to be provided.


  • 30 available languages
  • Long-term availability
  • Function without internet connection at runtime
  • Privacy by design and data security
  • High reliability and availability
  • Simplest voice dialog creation
  • Wake word function with free choice of wake word

Technical requirements

  • Runs on ARMv7 and higher and X86
  • Runtime: approx. 6 MByte
  • Language model: approx. 6 MByte per language
  • Application specific language resources:
    • approx. 10 kByte simple command control with 10 words
    • approx. 500 kByte extensive control with 1000 words
  • Main memory: from 16 MByte (depending on application)
  • Computing requirements: from 400 MIPS for real-time processing
  • Can run on system processor




  • Web tool for text input
  • Up to 30 languages, several applicable at the same time
  • Freely programmable activation word
  • After conversion of phonemes to server: Download and offline operation
  • Communication with own hardware via MQTT protocol

HY-LINE Voice Control Starter Kit

The kickstart for your voice control

  • Kickstart: for the rapid implementation of your application directly on an industrial-grade platform
  • Industry Grade: embedded platform of the latest generation, with high reliability and availability
  • vicControl software: Industry-proven quality in 30 national languages and with wake-word function
  • Text-to-Speech: now with offline speech synthesis for the output of any texts
  • Plug & Play: Linux image pre-installed on micro SD card
  • Privacy by Design: high data security through offline execution
  • Demo App: with pre-installed sample applications for speech control and synthesis
  • No Coding: Dialogue designer for the implementation of natural language communication without programming
  • API Interface: convenient machine interface via MQTT


  • HY-LINE 7" TFT High End Family Concept Display incl. PCAP-Touch
  • pITX-iMX8M dual-core single board computer, incl. passive cooling
  • vicCONTROL Linux image pre-installed on micro SD card
  • Access: Webtool vicSDC
  • Pre-installed demo application "Hello washing machine", speech synthesis 
  • USB headset Sennheiser PC7
  • Incl. holder for easy handling

Voice control applications

Operation and monitoring of medical technology

  • Controlling beds and examination couches for CT/MRI via speech (e.g. raising and lowering, sitting and lying position)
  • Information retrieval from a database (e.g. during an operation)
  • Documentation of activities in nursing and geriatric care or rehabilitation
  • Touch-free operation of devices in poorly accessible or sterile environments




  • Natural collaboration with robots and in augmented reality applications.
  • Control of machines and devices
  • Industrial automation, test and measurement technology
  • Touch-free operation of devices in poorly accessible or explosive environments


Smart Home


  • Intelligent home automation: lighting, heating, air conditioning, shutters, plumbing.
  • Interaction with consumer electronics: TV, multimedia, AV receiver
  • Electronic media: smartphone, tablet, PC, e-book reader
  • Household and kitchen appliances


Digital Signage


  • Information kiosks in shopping centers or service points
  • Ordering machines in fast food restaurants
  • Ticket vending machines, e.g. DB "SEMMI

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