Customized Batterie Packs

Your advantages:

  • High power density allows a space-saving and compact design
  • Low mass allows for lightweight and truly portable devices
  • Reliable cells in combination with the right battery management and charging system allow a large number of charging cycles > long battery life

Our offer:

  • Suitable Li-Ion chargers
  • Standard
  • Project-specific design, for example as a charging cradle for a battery or as a multibay charger
  • Development and production of batteries according to your individual requirements
  • Use of Li-Ion cells exclusively from leading manufacturers

Product safety

Our battery packs can be certified according to all current regulations: UL, CE and PSE guarantee worldwide use, also in medical technology. In addition, each battery pack is approved according to the UN38.3 aviation transport regulation. Since the degrees of freedom in design are diverse, we evaluate your application together with you and develop the battery pack in optimal quality with an ideal price/ performance ratio.

Lithium ion standard battery packs

A standard Li-Ion battery pack is sufficient for some applications, for which we have defined a standard range.

UN38.3 Certification

Ohne Zertifizierung darf keine Batterie transportiert werden.

Wir lassen für Sie testen und zertifizieren!

  • T1: Simulation der Höhenlage
  • T2: Thermische Prüfung
  • T3: Vibration
  • T4: Schock
  • T5: Externer Kurzschluss und Kurzschluss
  • T6: Impact (nur primäre und wiederaufladbare Zellen)
  • T7: Überladung (nur wiederaufladbare Batterien)
  • T8: Zwangsentladung (nur primäre und wiederaufladbare Zellen)

Zusätzlich UL (USA), CE (ROW), PSE (Japan)

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