High-Voltage Isolation DC/DC Power Supply

Operating voltage up to 12 kV peak

Dielectric test voltage up to 18 kVAC

Creepage distance 63 mm

Output power 3 W

Reliable, long service life

Outstanding coupling capacitance 3 pF.


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  • Operating voltage up to 12kV peak
  • Dielectric test voltage up to 18kVAC
  • Creepage distance 63mm
  • Output power 3W
  • Reliable; long service life
  • Outstanding coupling capacitance 3pF

The ISO3116I is a single-channel, isolation DC/DC converter suitable for 4.5 kV and 6.5 kV IGBT drivers. An output power of 3 W enables switching frequencies up to 5 kHz for 6.5 kV/ 600 A IGBTs. The ISO3116I complements Power Integrations 1SD210F2 and 1SD312F2 SCALE-1 high-voltage IGBT drivers. 

ISO3116I DC/DC converters are offered with various isolation voltages to covers the complete range of 4.5 kV and 6.5 kV IGBT applications from 2-level to multi-level topologies. 

Other features include: a wide creepage distance of 63mm; an extremely low coupling capacitance of 3 pF; an extremely reliable circuit design; rugged packaging for simple and vibration-proof mounting.

Broschüre - Leistungselektronik (PDF 16,8)

Power Integrations bietet hochintegrierte IGBT-Treiber. Basierend auf jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung wurden für die Treiber- und Überwachungsfunktionen ASICs entwickelt, die zusammen mit den induktiven Übertragern das Kernstück der Treiber bilden. Umfangreicher Applikationssupport beim Design wird angeboten.


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