Single-Channel SCALE™-2 Plug-and-Play for 4.5kV IGBTs

Proven high performance of this most compact gate driver solution for 4.5kV IGBT’s with 6kV isolation.


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  • Blocking voltages of 4500V
  • Fibre-optic interfaces
  • +15V (regulated)/-10V gate driving
  • Direct paralleling of IGBTs
  • 2-level and multilevel topologies
  • Dynamic IGBT short-circuit protection
  • Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping DA2C
  • Supply under-voltage lockout
  • Gate monitoring
  • Creepage and clearances acc. to IEC 60077-1
  • UL compliant
  • Superior EMC
  • Reliable, long service life

The new 1SP0340 SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play driver is specifically designed for the reliable and safe driving of 130 x 140 mm and 190 x 140 mm IGBT modules with 6000 V isolation voltage and 4.5 kV blocking voltage. It is optimized for high-reliability applications in the rail industry. 

The driver concept relies on a master/slave principle that enables parallel-connected IGBT modules to be operated safely. The master (1SP0340V or 1SP0340S) can be used as a stand-alone driver without slave to drive a single IGBT module, or with up to three slaves (1SP0340D) to drive up to four parallel-connected IGBT modules.
The master is equipped with a fiber-optic interface and global fault management. In master/slave configurations, the slaves are connected to the master via a bus cable which distributes the common command signal and the secondary-side supply voltages from the DC/DC converter. 

The 1SP0340 driver is based on CONCEPT's highly-integrated SCALE-2 chipset which enables high-performance, complete and extremely-compact single-channel IGBT drivers. 

The SCALE-2 chipset also reduces the component count by 80% when compared to conventional solutions, thus significantly increasing reliability and reducing costs.
1SP0340 drivers are equipped with Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DA2C), short-circuit protection, regulated turn-on gate driving voltage and supply-voltage-monitoring. 

Tightly-matched driver versions are available for all mechanically-compatible IGBT modules. Plug-and-play capability enables immediate operation after mounting, and the user needs to invest no effort adjusting or designing-in the driver for a specific application.

Fiber-Optic Interface Options
Fiber-optic links are used to electrically isolate the command and status-feedback signals. Two versions are available: 

1SP0340V equipped with Versatile links
1SP0340S equipped with ST links 

For details, please check the product documentation.

Power supply and electrical isolation
In contrast to other SCALE-2 plug-and-play drivers, the 1SP0340 driver is modular, so the driver card and power supply (DC/DC converter) are two separate units. This means that any driver that has been developed to match a specific IGBT module can be used for any required isolation specification. Only the separate power supply (ISO5125I) must be selected to match the specific application. A further benefit is that drivers for 4.5 kV IGBTs can be implemented in 2-level, 3-level and multi-level inverter topologies. 

The driver is mounted directly onto the IGBT module using three screws. The separate power supply unit is attached close by the IGBT. For parallel-connected drivers, only one power supply is needed per switch.

Basis Applikation für SCALE-2 Treiber (PDF 5 MB)
Broschüre - Leistungselektronik (PDF 16,8)

Power Integrations bietet hochintegrierte IGBT-Treiber. Basierend auf jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung wurden für die Treiber- und Überwachungsfunktionen ASICs entwickelt, die zusammen mit den induktiven Übertragern das Kernstück der Treiber bilden. Umfangreicher Applikationssupport beim Design wird angeboten.


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