Dual-Channel SCALE-2 Driver Core for 3.3 kV IGBTs

The 2SC0535T is the most compact driver core in its voltage and power range - a cost-effective and compact dual-channel solution for various 3.3kV applications.


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  • Blocking voltages up to 3300V
  • 2-level and multilevel topologies
  • Embedded paralleling capability
  • Switching frequency up to 100kHz
  • Very short delay time of <100ns
  • Small jitter of ±2ns
  • Gate current ±35A
  • +15V (regulated)/-10V gate driving
  • Interface for 3.3V...15V logic level
  • Direct and half-bridge modes
  • IGBT short-circuit protection
  • Supply under-voltage lockout
  • Isolated DC/DC converter
  • 2 x 5W output power
  • Operating temperature -55…85°C
  • Safe isolation to EN50178 and EN50124
  • UL compliant
  • Superior EMC
  • Reliable, long service life

The 2SC0535T2 SCALE-2 dual-driver core combines compactness with broad applicability and cost efficiency. It is designed for high-reliability industrial and traction and drives all usual high-voltage IGBT modules up to 3300 V. Its embedded paralleling capability allows simple inverter design at higher power ratings. Multi-level topologies with 1700 V IGBTs with higher isolation requirements can also be easily supported. 

Advantages of the Technology
The 2SC0535T is the most compact driver core in its voltage and power range, featuring a footprint of only 76.5 x 59.2 mm and an insertion height of 26 mm. The SCALE-2 chipset reduces the component count by up to 80% compared to conventional solutions, thus significantly increasing reliability and reducing costs.

The 2SC0535T combines a complete two-channel driver core with all components required for driving, such as short-circuit protection, Advanced Active Clamping, an isolated DC/DC converter as well as supply voltage monitoring. Each of the two output channels is electrically-isolated from the primary side and the other secondary channel. 

An output current of 35 A and 5 W drive power is available per channel, making the 2SC0535T a suitable choice for both high-power modules and parallel-connected IGBT modules. In dedicated IGBT mode, the driver provides a gate voltage swing of +15 V / –10V. The turn-on voltage is regulated to maintain a stable 15 V regardless of the output power level. Moreover, the temperature range has been widened to cover low temperature applications down to -55 °C.

Excellent EMC performance allows safe and reliable operation in even harsh industrial conditions. The 2SC0535T driver has a creepage path of 44 mm and is suited for high-voltage IGBTs with blocking voltages up to 3.3 kV. The driver is UL-compliant and features clearance and creepage distances that enable it to meet pollution degree 2 and overvoltage category 2 according to EN-50178 and EN-50124. Therefore, the driver is an excellent choice for all traction and industrial applications. The 100%-tested, partial discharge-free transformer design guarantees safe operation over the expected lifetime. 

Driving Parallel-Connected IGBTs
The driver allows direct parallel connection of any number of IGBT modules with individual drivers. This new, pioneering concept makes it practical for the first time to build a converter series with discrete modules as well as parallel-connected IGBTs without any additional development effort.

Read the article Direct parallel connection: How does it work?

Basis Applikation für SCALE-2 Treiber (PDF 5 MB)
Broschüre - Leistungselektronik (PDF 16,8)
_Power Integrations Katalog_.pdf

Power Integrations bietet hochintegrierte IGBT-Treiber. Basierend auf jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung wurden für die Treiber- und Überwachungsfunktionen ASICs entwickelt, die zusammen mit den induktiven Übertragern das Kernstück der Treiber bilden. Umfangreicher Applikationssupport beim Design wird angeboten.

Base Boards 2BB0535T

SCALE™-2 Base Boards

Fast and cost-effective IGBT-stack design
A plug-and-play solution for 2SC0535T driver cores and high-voltage measurement

Fast and efficient development of customized power-stack designs based on driver cores and CONCEPT application know-how.

Easy use of 2SC0535T
Blocking voltages up to 3300V
Switching frequency up to 100kHz
Electrical (3.3V...15V logic level) and fiber-optic interfaces
Direct and half-bridge modes
Embedded paralleling capability
2-level and multilevel topologies
IGBT short-circuit protection
Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DA2C)
Isolated DC/DC converter
Supply under-voltage lockout
Safe isolation to EN50178 and EN50124
UL compliant
Superior EMC
Reliable, long service life

To help customers reduce design time, CONCEPT has launched a new Base Board for driving 1.7kV, 2.5kV or 3.3kV IGBTs. The 2BB0535T integrates the high-performance gate drive unit into the customer´s power-stack design. It offers a quick way of evaluating the performance of various IGBT modules when used with the 2SC0535T2A0-33 SCALE-2® driver. The user can choose either a cost-effective electrical interface or a high-performance fiber-optic interface. Layout data and schematics – offered free of charge – enable the driver core to be perfectly integrated into the customer´s power stack.

The Base Board is suitable to drive almost all available single and dual IGBT modules up to 3.3kV like 190mm x 140mm, 130mm x 140mm IGBT modules and others. The plug-and-play capability makes it ready to operate immediately after mounting. The user needs invest almost no effort in designing or adjusting it to a specific application.

Small volumes for evaluation are available from stock. In low volumes the boards are delivered without driver cores or gate resistors; for order quantities of 1000 or above, gate drivers and resistors can be included.


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