EFR32™ Flex Gecko Starter Kit

EFR32™ Flex Gecko Starter Kit

EFR32™ Flex Gecko 2.4 GHz Proprietary Wireless SoC Starter Kit
Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kit

The Flex Gecko Wireless SoC Starter Kit includes a Radio Abstraction Interface Layer (RAIL) SDK to simplify proprietary wireless protocol development. Sample applications, including the popular range test, are included with the SDK. Functionality for lab evaluation, wake-on-radio, bi-directional packet transmit and receive are also provided as source code in sample applications. With the supporting Simplicity Studio suite of tools, developers can take advantage of graphical wireless application development and visual energy profiling and optimization.


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  • 2 x Wireless starter kit mainboard
  • 2 x EFR32FG 2.4 GHz radio board (+19.5 dBm)
  • 2 x USB A to USB mini-B cable
  • 2 x CR2032 battery
  • 2 x AA Battery holder
  • EFR32FG Get Started Card
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