WIFI Development Kits

Developement-Kits for WiFi. If you can't find the right kit, please contact us.



  • Current measurement point
  • SDIO slot interface
  • WF111 module


  • WF121 Wi-Fi module
  • Dual UART-to-USB converter
  • Four software programmable buttons

PAN9026 Evaluation Kit

  • This Kit shall demonstrate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth application integration on a common Host processor platform (Wandboard with i.MX6).

PAN4620 Evaluation Kit

  • The PAN4620 Daughterboard enables quick prototyping and Software Testing. The sticks have a USB to UART converter and allow access to the module pins.

PAN9420 Evaluation Kit

  • motherboard with USB UART converter
  • Carrier board with module PAN9420
  • Pre-installed IoT application with WebContent example


Basic Wireless Connectivity
AP Scan, WEP/WPA Configuration
Basic TCP/IP Function with HTTP, DNS and SNTP


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