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Elatec RFID Systems represents valuable know-how for manufacturers, system developers and integrators working with radio frequency indentification. We've been active in the field from the onset and continue to closely monitor both new developments and breakthroughs still in the pipeline. More than just bringing many years of RFID experience to the table, we support contract fulfilment with project management know-how, HW/SW development competency and the production of quality electronics.

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Housed Reader / Writer

Housed Reader/ Writer are end devices with USB interface and...

OEM Reader / Writer

Reader and Writer devices for integration in customers...

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RFID/ NFC accessories

We are offer cusomized TAGS for RFID, developement kits and...

RFID/NFC Core modules

RFID Reader/ Writer Cores for implementation in appication...

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Treiber und Software zu Elatec- Produkten finden die hier

Kompaktes OEM-RFID-Lese-/Schreibgerät mit einer Vielzahl an Schnittstellen:

Mit der PALON-Serie von Elatec erweitert die HY-LINE Communication Products ihr Portfolio um ein sehr kompaktes und vielseitiges OEM-RFID-/Lese und Schreibgerät. more

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