GUI Development

Graphical user interfaces for intuitive operation

Switches and indicator lights were yesterday! Today, display and touchscreen rule. But how should the switches and dials be presented on the display in a clear, ergonomic and intuitive way? The Graphical User Interface (GUI) takes care of that!

Languages such as HTML5 and JavaScript form the basis for creating web-based interfaces.

Alternatively, frameworks such as Qt offer a wide range of design options and leave hardly any wish unfulfilled. For example, Qt provides numerous tools and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for platform-independent executability, whether Windows , Android or Linux.

Your machine gets an individual, unmistakable face through your corporate design.

HY-LINE fulfills your wishes:

  • Individual GUI development for your distinctive solution.
  • Intuitively designed front end for user-friendly operation.
  • Holistic HMI design with hardware and software from one source

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