IoT Solutions

Edge-to-Cloud Engineering

Turn your device into a smart device!

Display, touchscreen, embedded system, we offer system solutions for your device. But how does it become a smart device?

Smart = intelligent in the sense of a networked solution. The local system represents the edge and connects to the cloud.

Should your application be provided locally on the embedded system, remotely from the cloud or even mobile as an iOS or Android app?


  • Vending machines
  • Digital access systems
  • Medical analysis devices
  • Industrial HMI

We start with the design: which structure best represents the overall system?

It is crucial to consider the application end-to-end, from the local application to the cloud services, and to plan the system in a holistic IoT-compatible way.

Which function will be realized by edge computing and which data will be processed remotely in the cloud? And how is the information exchanged reliably and securely?

Together with you, we select the appropriate computing platforms, the suitable hardware and software interfaces and protocols, and create a security concept.

We implement your system solution

  • future-proof through edge-to-cloud engineering
  • from the local application to the cloud
  • with the appropriate HW, SW and IoT components.

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Schematic representation of networked software applications in an IoT system

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