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Getting your devices smart-connected will never be this easy

Cavli Hubble, Cavli’s enterprise-ready IoT connectivity management cloud platform, lets your device get connected to the cloud to enable a wide range of applications across all major network technologies like NB IoT, LTE-M, EGPRS, LTE -CAT 1, CAT 4, 3G.

Cavli Hubble ensures that IoT product makers get to completely utilize the advent of innovative connectivity technologies like LPWAN and reduced sensor costs, to build robust yet affordable smart control systems.

Global Access. Local Network

Cavli Hubble’s remote provisioning system ensures that any IoT product maker or enterprise in any industry can easily build, connect, and scale their IoT solutions to any geography in the world in the most secure and seamless manner. This is made possible by Cavli’s robust partner network of telecom operators around the world.

The building blocks of IoT

The Edge Hardware, Embedded Software, Global Network Connectivity and IoT Protocols, all bundled for an irresistible proposal of $0.99/Device/Month.

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Device Orchestration and Monitoring

Enables quick and easy onboarding of devices. Create a custom data plan and connect to a local network.

Local IoT network coverage

Capability to deploy projects globally through our worldwide local data partnerships. Now enjoy hassle-free local LTE/LPWAN connectivity.

Firmware Over-the-air (Fota)

Secure onboarding, provisioning, over-the-air updates and life-cycle management with the best-in-class security.

Hubble Stack Intelligence

Independent decision making with Cavli's Hubble Stack Intelligence, which reduces device downtime and manual interventions.


GSMA SGP.02 version 3.2 SAS certified remote subscription management platform ensures secure Onboarding & provisioning.

IoT Billing

Device life cycle billing management capability from the time of subscription to deactivation. $0.99/device/month

Data Monitoring

Monitor consumption across devices deployed worldwide with user alert when eSIM reaches usage limits.

Web Service API

HTTP-based restful APIs for integrating device management services to external system.

Cavli Wireless is not only an IoT building block provider but also one that brings together connectivity, application processing and data management into a single platform. Cavli Wireless designs and manufactures industrial-grade cellular IoT smart modules that provide seamless cellular IoT implementation and faster product deployment for various applications in smart city, industrial automation, logistics and transportation, healthcare, security and other industries. 

All Cavli smart modules are equipped with global cellular connectivity, thanks to the built-in eSIM feature supported by the GSMA-certified eSIM provisioning system. This ensures that our customers can enjoy very attractive mobile data tariffs around the globe, as well as hassle-free provisioning and subscription management through our proprietary cloud platform Cavli Hubble. 

What does it take to get the next 10 billion IoT devices ‘Smart’ Connected ?


To unlock the real potential of IoT and to get a billion devices connected, the current fragmented eco-system needs to be re-engineered, consolidated & thus re-imagined from start to end.




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