Touchless Touch

There are many reasons for operating a screen without touching it

  • Hands no longer free, e.g. both hands are needed for working
  • Hands dirty, e.g. through workshop, garden, food preparation
  • Hands in work clothing, e.g. protective gloves
  • Contact not permitted, e.g. food production, sterile work in medicine, work with chemicals or hazardous substances touching not desired, e.g. hygienic operation of vending machines in public, avoidance of transmission of nobody and viruses to others or myself

Concepts for contactless operation are for example

New generation infrared touch screen

With the slim infrared line, touchscreens can be set up for your own systems. It reliably and robustly detects the penetration of the light curtain in two dimensions. There are no limits to the design, only the light beam has to be interrupted when it is activated.

Flying Touch

The Flying Touchscreen is based on infrared technology. The infrared line is built into a housing so that existing systems with or without touch screen can be easily upgraded to a contactless terminal. The mechanical integration is greatly simplified by various prepared mounting methods such as adhesive strips, screws or magnets.

Holographic touch display

While the user interface appears to be standing in the air by projection, an infrared touch screen detects the position of a finger or other object with which the buttons are activated.

HY-gienic Touchscreen

With a permanently germ-free glass surface, the HY-gienic touch screen is the solution for contactless operation. The touch event is evaluated by an infrared sensor located in front of a glass pane protecting the display. If this is accidentally touched, viruses and bacteria are effectively killed after use with UV-C radiation. The special feature: there is no need to pause for decontamination!

3D touch screen with gesture control

Thanks to intuitive gestures, a device can be controlled simply by moving your hand in front of the display. This technology is particularly suitable for entering qualitative values "more"/"less", "higher"/"lower".

Offline voice control

Our offline voice control works without any hands. Just like other solutions, a keyword triggers recognition. Unlike other solutions, the syntax can be in everyday language. Without internet connection, but in up to 30 languages, the system accepts your commands.

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