Displays with special formats

When selecting TFT displays, you are usually stuck with standard dimensions. The aspect ratio, called "Aspect Ratio", describes the (visible) width in relation to the height. In the past, it was mainly 4:3 or 5:4, but today's industrial displays use 16:9. For some applications, these aspect ratios do not fit because the installation space is insufficient, an older display in a different technology (e.g. STN LCD, seven-segment LED) has to be replaced, or the content requires a different format (e.g. signposting, space reservation).

Displays with unusual sides can be produced either from the cut of a larger display or as a development in a special format. While displays with larger diagonal are usually made by cutting, smaller displays are made with square sides or with circular display area. Square or circular displays often use interfaces provided by ARM processors, namely processor buses of different widths, SPI or MIPI. In their optical parameters, they are quite comparable with large displays; high brightness is combined with current IPS technology for best reading behavior.

Cropped displays

Cut displays are made by horizontal cut from a normal size display. Common cuts divide the display into 1/2, 1/3 or 3/5.


stop display in transportation, route map, directional sign, departure indicator; vertical: vending machines, elevator control.

Square displays

Square displays are mostly based on a signal chip controller, which takes over the control of all rows and columns. The interface is versatile configurable and therefore suitable for almost all processors.


Measuring instruments, home automation.

Round displays

Round displays are built like square ones on a single-chip controller. While the display area is circular, the external dimensions are larger because more space is needed for the drive chip and leads.


Measurement devices on industrial equipment, home automation.

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