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Whitepaper: CF3 socket - Why form factors are so important in IoT

Selecting the right components for a design in IoT is often a difficult balancing act between desired functionality and competitive price. This is especially true for the Internet of Things (IoT), as devices often have demanding requirements. Many IoT devices operate in difficult industrial environments, rely on battery or solar energy and are used in the field for years. At the same time, IoT is new and dynamic enough that you must always assume that your design will evolve, whether it supports a new mobile phone specification such as LPWA or LTE-M and integrates a new wireless technology such as Bluetooth 5, or serves a new region or market.

With the right components, it's easier to create a solid product platform that can be easily modified as needed. The right components can also save time and simplify design-in, accelerate time to market and reduce overall costs, while giving you a competitive advantage in terms of functionality.

Evaluating components can be a complex process with detailed comparisons of operating parameters and feature lists, but it's important to add another item to the list of considerations - form factor. As it turns out, the physical size, shape, pin configuration and assembly requirements of a component can have a major impact on the design in terms of flexibility, performance and overall cost.

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