Core competencies

Making the potential of customer-specific electronic development available, this is the philosophy of SCHMID mme. As a full-service development house, SCHMID mme offers efficient, high-quality development services. Since 1996, SCHMID mme has been developing applications exclusively on customer order. In doing so, we discreetly remain in the background - it is the privilege of our customers to advertise the products that have emerged from our developments.


The focus of SCHMID mme projects is on the following applications

  • Human-machine interface
  • Internet of Things Connectivity
  • Control electronics
  • Measurement technology
  • Sensors


According to the principle of modular development, our customer decides on the scope of the development services - should it be "just" a circuit diagram, or a complete hardware/firmware application up to a suitable smartphone app? The services provided by SCHMID mme include preliminary development and feasibility analysis as well as product development, including

Hardware, Firmware

Algorithms, graphical user interfaces
Smartphone apps for iOS and Android
Similarly, SCHMID mme offers the re-engineering of existing projects to adapt them to the latest technologies as well as the reverse engineering of competitor products, for example in the field of industrial property rights disputes.

CAD and laboratory

SCHMID mme works with one of the currently most powerful electronic CAD systems: Altium Designer 18. SolidWorks is used for mechanical CAD in 3D. An efficient development laboratory is the basis for the development of high-quality products. The SCHMID mme laboratory is equipped with the latest measuring technology as well as software development environments for numerous platforms.


SCHMID mme supports all relevant interfaces, from LAN and WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM, 3G and 4G, RFID including NFC, USB, to solutions with Ultra-Wide Band radio (UWB). Hardware analysers in our own laboratory ensure that protocols are not only understood in software, but also that the hardware of the applications can be measured.


Powerful tools for static and dynamic code analysis and version management ensure that SCHMID mme delivers high-quality, fully tested and documented code in all embedded applications, which can easily meet customer requirements such as MISRA compatibility or functional safety.

Mobile Apps

SCHMID mme addresses the increasing demand for mobile applications with a complete family of services in the field of app development for Android and Apple iOS. SCHMID mme connects external hardware to smartphones and tablets and has an Apple MFi licence.


Design for Manufacturing" is a high priority at SCHMID mme to ensure that a durable product that can be manufactured without problems is at the end of the development process. Depending on the constellation of the project, SCHMID mme only supplies the production data record, accompanies the customer's manufacturer or has complete assemblies manufactured by contract manufacturers on behalf of the customer.


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